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 One story in particular has stayed in my heart all of these years. 

It's still untitled (not happy about that), but my books are based on a tale that my husband and I made up while we were courting. We loved hiking, so it was a good time for storytelling. While what we created during those walks was more of a fairytale, I decided to write it as a medieval, historical-feeling romance with low fantasy elements (character names and places are imagined), as well as court intrigue, action, and adventure. Readers might find the writing style similar to authors Jennifer Roberson or Susanna Kearsley.

I saw this picture and about fell out of my chair. The princess often stands on her balcony scheming.

The princess sending men off to war.

I actually have the rest of these pictures hanging up in my basement. I have always been inspired by the romance in them and have used them to create scenes between my characters.
The princess pressing on with her duties.

Just look at the passion in that beautiful face.
Her captain is in some serious trouble:)

Princess Marguerite of Asterias has grown-up amid the ruins of a hundred year war. Burdened by an overprotective father and an abusive brother, she resents feeling useless in the face of almost certain disaster and is determined to prove that she can help defeat the invading army of Edmira. Secretly stealing away from the castle she becomes Meg, a woman in disguise who feeds and clothes the hungry and spies on her father’s commanders, convinced that they do not give him the crucial intelligence he needs to win the war.

Captain Nicholas Sheppard is Edmira’s most capable soldier and spy. Pressed into the army as a teen, he has spent 10 long years developing strategy and winning battles that Edmira seemed certain to lose. He’s a stone-cold killer with a talent for snatching victory at just the right moment, the stuff of legends. The storytellers have dubbed him the Wolf Knight.

Stumbling upon Meg on a mission to kill an Asterian leader and falling in love with her is the very last thing he ever intended. As the two armies move closer to their final battle, however, he finds he cannot bring himself to give her up.

As Princess Marguerite and Captain Sheppard navigate the political intrigue between their countries, each trying to outwit the other, they find solace and a measure of stolen peace in their clandestine meetings, never guessing that their greatest love and their greatest threat are one and the same.

Here's what I've got so far:

Manuscript for prequel novella and first book in a series are done. 47 chapters are written and have been vetted by writers in critique groups and beta readers.
I completely rewrote the first 10 chapters (so my lovers meet sooner), and hired an editor. I cut over 30,000 words so the focus of the story is sharp.
My goal is to publish in 2017. After years of drafting, editing, and attending writers conferences, I think my stories are ready. I will begin work soon on a killer cover, tag lines, and blurbs that totally hook, and formatting so the inside of the book is just as pretty the outside. Things are coming together! Keep your eyes open for freebies, probably by about summer time.


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