Why an Upstart?

To be honest, I really liked the sound of it. 

"An Upstart Author." 

It has a certain connotation to it, part rebel, part I'll show you--I'm doing this no matter what.

However, that's not what the dictionary says: Webster defines "upstart" as "one that has risen suddenly (as from a low position to wealth or power) :  parvenuespecially :  one that claims more personal importance than is warranted."

Nope, I'm not that. Not rich, nor do I think I'm important, especially in the literary world.

But the Thesaurus says that "upstart" can also mean: "doer, go-getter, mover, pathfinder." Despite the negative connotation of the first definition, I really like the additional words that give "upstart" a fuller meaning.

So, consider me a writer, an author, and a really hard worker. I've written one book and I'm almost done with a second book. And maybe, just maybe I'll rise from unknown into the ranks of an established and familiar author. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, but I can dream:)


  1. Nothing wrong with dreaming, Shantal! The longer you do it the more chances you have to make those dreams come true :)


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